Hello all! Today, we wanted to pass along a message from Leon Logothetis. He is our good friend and has a show on Netflix, the Kindness Diaries. If you haven't watched it, we recommend you do. We wanted to keep the message going this week, so we decided to repost this. You should also watch this video to get familiar with who Leon is talking about. Without further ado:

This past week, I received the tragic news that my good friend Tony Holmes passed away suddenly. If you’ve seenTheKindness DiariesSeason 1, you’ll remember Tony from Pittsburgh, who was homeless when I asked to spend the night in his house. It was a meeting that changed both of our lives forever.

I stayed with Tony that night on the streets and saw how pure and unexpected kindness could really be. A man who had nothing gave everything. I still get thousands upon thousands of messages from people whose lives have been touched by Tony, and how they’ve been inspired to be kinder to everyone they meet in the world.

Tony’s simple act of kindness literally changed the world.

His most treasured gifts were his two grandchildren, whom he loved with all his heart. I want to keep the memory of Tony alive by helping them. That’s why we’ve decided to set up a Go Fund Me to raise funds to go towards their continuing education. The link is below with more information. It would mean the world to myself and my team if you could help where you can. Let’s give the man who gave so much to the world a little back. 

Even a small amount will help Tony’s memory of kindness live on...

Click here for the Tony's Grandkids GoFundMe campaign.

Hello all! If you will remember the poem from last week, we will be explaining about it today. Here is the haiku:

Hoping from blossoms

Sprouting from the ground anew

Lighting paths to dawn

The meaning of this poem is that hope does not come from inside us, it comes from the kindnesses we provide others, and the people we affect with our actions. Because it won't be us that carries this new world, it will be the people that we come across and change for the better. So today, if you are out and about, try to help someone, make them feel a little bit better, and be kind. Thank you, and goodnight.