2,000 Visitors and New Collaborations! (Brighter Days Blog: 35)

Hello all! Hope you are having a good day. We have an announcement to make! In the coming days, we will probably break 2,000 unique visitors to our website. We are currently at 1,978, and increasing by the day. Once we reach 2,000, we are asking all of our visitors to post something good on our website. Also, we have a new collaboration in the mix. Jack McDermott, the creator of Karma Credits. Karma Credits is a cryptocurrency that rewards kindness. It is based on a grassroots community of people who is working on helping others. You can visit their twitter here. Here is a simple explanation:

As soon as you start doing kind things for others, you will earn Karma Credits. Once you have earned the Karma Credits, anyone can earn Karma Credits from you by doing kind things for you, either based off own Karma List of nice things that can be done for you, or kind things people come up with their own. These are some examples of Karma Credits:

Deliver groceries to a person in need: 1 Karma Credit + 1 Karma Credit per dollar spent on groceries

Send a motivating message to help then work out: 1 Karma Credit 

Donate to a cancer charity: 1 Karma Credit per dollar donated

We aren't talking about this cryptocurrency becoming the next real currency, but wouldn't it be good if this did become something big? Talk to us in the comments below and send us emails to let us know what you think. Thank you, and goodnight!

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