2,000 Visitors! (Brighter Days Blog #38)

Hello everyone! Our team felt that Bryce Leiberman should write the adress today, given his position as the leader of our group. So here it is:

This morning, our team woke up to discover that Brighter Days For All had 2,001 different visitors. We want to thank everyone so much for all the support we have been having, and let you know that it brings tears to our eyes that an idea that was thought of on the sidewalk one March day has become such a success. We worked on this website tirelessly for about a week, and then deemed it good for launch, ever since then, we have received overwhelming support from so many that are in varied situations, from Connecticut to California. It is truly amazing that something so little could do something so big, and it brings tears to our eyes because we have done something amazing, truly amazing. We have united a group of people that nobody thought would ever find common ground. But we did. We did that. And we vow to continue doing that. So I don't know if I will ever really get into Northwestern or Harvard or Yale, but I do know one thing. One undeniable truth. Man is good. When faced with a hurdle, or a challenge, we will overcome it with convincing strength. We will show, not with our words, but with our actions, that we came out of this for the better. I am proud of everyone who continues to give their all, every single day. So thank you everyone. In other news, our team will be launching into a "Phase Two," of the website by June 6. It will involve something new and exciting being added to our website, be it something little, like a small brainteaser each day, or something big, like a clothing line, that is for you to decide. Nothing is impossible, and we want you to let us know how you think the website will be better. We are still trying to have our "breakout" moment, but for the moment, we are satisfied with what we are doing. Thank you all, and goodnight.

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