5 Reasons to be Hopeful During this Corona Crisis

Hello everyone! We wanted to try something fun and new today, so here we go:

  1. We have learned how to be self-sufficient. Most people have never had to be on their own and had to adapt to a different situation. Now, with this crisis, we can learn to survive in the toughest of climates.

  2. We can emerge into this new world more focused than ever. My hope is that with all of this pent-up energy and this prolonged break, we will be able to better focus when we get back to "normal."

  3. We will be kinder. During quarantine, we have learned that this virus can diminish lives, it can take what it wants, but we have also learned that the human spirit is brighter. It is stronger than any one person. So I know that we will be kinder when we can get back within six feet of each other, and at a distance as well.

  4. We will unite. Walt Whitman thought that we were all leaves of grass. We are all connected, we are all deeply intertwined, and I believe that this is true. When one part of a community gets hurt, the others will feel that pain, and try to help. We care for each other, and that is a reason to be hopeful.

  5. We have become stronger. In every way, we have become better people. By surviving, by uniting, by getting kinder, by starting to persevere through these times, we are stronger, better, and most importantly, brighter.

Thank you all for your continued support, and goodnight.

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