A Heartfelt Message From Us (Brighter Days Blog #30)

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Tonight's poem is called "Welcome to Society," by Kim Santiago. You can read it here. This poem broke our hearts. Submitted by a school kid to our inbox today, it shows us how real, how really real this crisis is. It can be interpreted as a poem about the social norms in today's society. We want to be accepted by others, we want to feel at home with everyone, when this is just not the case. We want to wear brand name clothing, because that's what people think we should wear. We want to look the way we look, feel the way we feel, because of others. Our life should not be artificial, we can change that. It breaks our heart to see people being torn down, being frowned upon, every single day. Nobody is worthless, nobody should have to feel that way, ever. And that is what we want everyone to think about tonight.

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