Brighter Days Blog #22

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well! We will be putting up a video blog tomorrow night, but today, our poem is by Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman. You can read it here. Our team dug deep into this poem, and we saw light. We saw that this crisis does not drive us deeper into an improbable journey, it moves us forward, into the unity of a brighter new day. This poem is about using our grief, using our pain, and find it inside of us to keep going. Every day of the week, we will keep going. We stand together in the darkness of our houses, looking on as others keep going. We did not go through this struggle alone, we are together in the darkness and in the light. Broken, withered, cracked and torn. That is what they expect from us. But we are stronger than they think. That is what took normal people, like you and I, put them in an extraordinary situation, and made us stronger, better people. That is what took this website from a $50 Wix subscription into something bigger, something stronger. We have the will to become better people. And if you have that opportunity, I say you should take it. Before it's too late. Thank you, and goodnight.

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