Peace (Brighter Days Blog #68)

Hello all! We hope you are doing well and just wanted to let everyone know that the Brighter Days shop is doing well! We have earned $25 for the ADL and the Global Coronavirus Relief Fund! We are donating to these two charities for many reasons. With the Global Coronavirus Relief Fund, we want to help people struggling right now with finding jobs and food, among other things, for people who might not have those things right now. We are also donating to the Anti-Defamation League because the work they are doing to stop hate, racism, and anti-semitism is amazing. As our founder, Bryce Leiberman likes to say, "The only way to stop this systemic racism and hate that is prevalent in our society today, is to be educated, and to stop this idealogical barrier at its start." And that is just what the ADL does. We are adding to the shop nearly every day, and we really hope you will consider buying something! Also, with the clothes especially, there might be a substantial wait time (3 to 6 weeks) on your order. You should be notified when it is shipped. We hope you can bear with us and adapt to the ever changing environment of life today. Thank you, and goodnight!

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