Collaborations and Deep Thoughts (Brighter Days Blog #36)

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well. Karma Credits tweeted us out today. You can see this on their facebook page, which was on the blog yesterday. We are thankful for Jack McDermott, the creator Karma Credits. We will have more news over the weekend. Meanwhile, our poem today is called, "Turtle Came To See Me," by Margarita Engle. You can read it here. This poem is intricate. It is about a child that draws a picture, but his or her teacher tells them that they drew the trees wrong. That, the child says, is when they learned that teachers can be wrong. So, what do you think? We think that this poem is sad. We aren't going to sugar coat this, or give you some nonsense that can be found on a fortune cookie. This poem is about independence, and not giving a damn what others think. We need to believe that we can be different from others, to stop giving everyone what they want. Because you just can's make everyone happy. Independence is the only way we are our own people. People will always try to make your decisions for you, and they could be right, but that's not for them to say. You must find your own way, you must justify being able to sleep at night, being able to rise with the sun every new day and be. Just be. You can cry yourself to sleep, you can try to justify yourself by jumping through absurd hoops, but it is you that is doing that. You can make your own trees, make your own way of life, make your own path, draw your own line in the sand, and start walking. Start going. Slow at first, but then fast. Make your own pace, but go. Get away from this hole you are trapping yourself in. Say goodbye, and start running. It isn't for us to decide, its for you. We hope you will consider this. Thank you, goodnight.

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