Collaborations! (Brighter Days Blog #69)

Hello all! Hope you are doing well! Today, we met with Orly Wahba, a kindness activist and advocate for hope. It was extremely inspiring to talk with someone so devoted to the same cause that we are! In particular, she inspired me about a way of lifting people up, called the hope exchange. With this, you can record a message of hope about something you have been through. Categories for this include cancer and domestic violence. If you want to record something, you can make a 30 second message. Messages are vetted by licensed psychiatrists, and you can either give hope by making a message, or get hope by listening to a passage. Below is the badge you can get by recording a message. What Orly is doing is truly inspiring, and we hope to make just as much a mark as she is by doing what we do best, spread our message. We hope you will consider this, and maybe make a message yourself! Thank you, and goodnight.

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