Copy of Phase 3

Hello all! Thank you for joining us, and we are proud to announce our phase 3! First, we will have a new fall line in the brighter days shop, this will include some warmer close due to the end of the summer. Secondly, our team is preparing a video that will be out in a few days that encapsulates the bulk of our new initiative. Basically, this video will be encouraging that all of our members and participants post on our forums about what their schools are doing to keep them and those around them safe, and different kind things to do for your school community in these hard times. People will also be generally welcome to post any kind things their school is doing for the students and faculty. We will make a new page of Brighter Days dedicated to a new bi-weekly series of challenges based on what you can do to be kind in your school. We only just now developed this plan, and it will be a few days before we go live, but we wanted to thank everyone that has supported us, and wish everyone a great day!

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