Dreams (Brighter Days Blog #46)

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well. Today's poem is "Dreams" by Langston Hughes. This poem is about our imaginations. When we dream, we go into imaginary worlds. We travel to a land where we can forget our troubles and just live. It is the only real place we can live unchained. So if we don't hold on to our dreams, we won't remember what life is like without the ability to fly, or to ride an elephant. Without dreams, life really is like a broken winged bird. So today, remember to hold on to what makes life so special. But dreams aren't just where we go when we sleep. They are the hopes that we have to make this world a better place. They are how we live our lives, and what we hope to do for the future. Today, hold fast to your dreams, and remember to hold them close. Thank you, and goodnight.

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