Brighter Days Blog #33

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hello all! Hope you all are having a good day. Just to let you all know, we are 31 people away from reaching 2,000 different visitors to Brighter Days! Thank you for spreading the word. Anyway, as for Fire and Ice, here is what we came up with. Our world has many kinds of hate, and many ways to put people down. There are many different kinds of torture, but in the end it comes down to picking your own poison. All the choices we ever make, all the decisions leading up to this point that makes us who we are. A unique person. A unique people. And the decision comes down to picking your poison. Yes. That's what we are saying. But it's not all bad. We can choose to pick ourselves up, we can choose to be better people. And what does that mean? What does being "kind" mean? It's not how others judge us, but how we judge ourselves. At some points in our lives, we will wonder, "Was I kind?" Or, "Did I do all I could?" And sometimes the answer is yes, and sometimes it isn't. So today, live by your own standards. Thank you, and goodnight.

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