Huge Announcements! (Brighter Days Blog #27)

Hello everyone! As seen on the caption, we have some big announcements! Some people have been asking our team about what direction the website is going in, so here we go. As for the daily challenge, we are turning it into a weekly challenge. This is because we just don't think it is as necessary as the daily blog, which we will be ramping up in the coming days. As for collaborations, you may notice that we haven't had many as of late. In the future, we will be reaching out to one group or organization every week with the hopes of partnership. Down the road, we could advertise different things or announce more in depth partnerships. We guarantee you that the Summer holds great things! On another note, we need more awareness about our cause. Our website has been on a downward trend in terms of unique viewers, totaling at about 1,843. So spread the positivity, and have a good night.

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