Love (Brighter Days Blog #63)

Today, our goal is to spread a little love. We think that love is caring for someone else, not because it is convenient, not because of sympathy, because of something you can't just explain with words. With all of the protests that are happening, tear gas being thrown, and insults thrown, we need to spread a courageous message. So now, it is time to stand. We will not back down, we will join the fight. Against hate and violence. Wherever you are, stand up, look out a window, and take a breath. You are safe. That isn't something that can be said of so many like you. Your life is unique, but it is shared by so many. People are going through what you are. Whenever you feel alone, we will be with you. Through the thick and thin, the darkness and the light, we can be with you. We are getting closer to the truth and the realization that this is not just a silent virus that comes and goes. It is here to stay, and we need to face that now more than ever. Especially with the murder of George Floyd. It was shocking to see something so deep inside, so despicable, be pulled out of another human. This man's murder is just another reminder of the stark racism and the indecency that has become just as much of an epidemic as this coronavirus. We will not let this atrocious killing to go on unnoticed. We need this to stop. Now. One thing we will not allow this coronavirus to do is drive us apart. Because that is how you know it has won, and that won't happen. We are sure. Thank you, and goodnight.

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