Nothing Gold Can Stay part 2 (Brighter Days Blog #55

Hello all! Hope you are doing well. Today's poem is called, "Nothing Gold Can Stay," by Robert Frost. You can read it here. This poem is truly the most illuminating works of art in the modern era. It is about the beauty and the chaos of life. Nothing that seems perfect will be able to remain. Often the best things are the hardest to keep, and things can only stay beautiful for so long until they sink down into their regular state. You can only witness the northern lights once a year before the Alaskan cold takes over and freezes you over. The trick is to savor those moments for as long as you can before letting go, and to be at peace with yourself when things don't always go your way. You can't always meet someone's vision of you, or always succeed at all of your goals, but that is what we can feel comfortable about. Because if everything that is gold stays, it wouldn't be gold anymore. If the northern lights appeared every day, the darkness would be our "gold." The beauty of these moments is that they are fleeting, that is what makes them so special. So today, savor the good times. Thank you, and goodnight.

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