Sheltered In Place (Brighter Days Blog #49)

Hello all! Hope you are all doing well! Today's poem is called,"Sheltered in Place," by Richard Levine. You can read it here. This poem is about a young boy who saves a turtle, makes it a home, and decorates the home with flowers. This boy was a metaphor for creating a diversion and for letting go for a second, just a nanosecond, and feeling at peace. This boy cares for that turtle, with no hope of reciprocity, and I believe it resonates with all of us. We can all relate to that little boy in that we all try to let ourselves go, to create a diversion to fear, and we can learn that we can't live together forever, but we can prolong our life, our spirit, through kindness and giving to others. So by being thoughtful to others, we can help ourselves. So today, help others, and be kind. Thank you, and goodnight.

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