Stand With Us (Brighter Days Blog #60)

Tonight, tens of thousand of people are protesting in cities across the nation. They feel not only anger at the murder of George Floyd, but they feel left behind. You should stand by the non-violent protests, and it starts by doing the small things. For example, you could print out the sign at the bottom of this page and hang it on your door. It seems like nothing we could do will ever truly stop this epidemic of racism that has been sweeping our world for hundreds of years. But we have to start somewhere, and this is our part in it. We ask you to stand with us as our nation grapples with not only the death of George Floyd, not only the lives of thousands of men and women who have died at the hands of the coronavirus and the people that have been killed for standing up for themselves. Stand with them all. They are with us, and they always will be. Thank you, and goodnight.

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