The Rose Family

Hello all! Hope you are doing well. Our poem today is called "The Rose Family," by Robert Frost. You can read it here. What we thought this poem is about, is exposing that we are all the same. Take the rose. It was always itself, but then other things start revealing themselves as the rose. Then, the author reveals that the reader too, was always a rose, and leaves some mystery to what will next prove itself as the rose. The deeper message that we think reveals itself in this poem is that we are all similar. The reader began the poem thinking that the rose was unique, but after a while, many things were really the rose. We are all people, and we are all special, but in many ways, we are the same. We were always the same, but we like to categorize ourselves, put ourselves into groups that make us feel like we know where we belong. So today, remember we are all the same. Stop putting people in boxes and start knowing them. Really knowing them. Thank you, and goodnight.

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