Those Winter Sundays (Brighter Days Blog #42)

Hello all! Hope you are doing well today. My name is Bryce Leiberman, and today's poem is entitled, "Those Winter Sundays," by Robert Hayden. You can read it here. This poem is about a father who goes out in the early morning every day and chops wood to provide heat for the house. Then, you gain his son's perspective. The son treats his father indifferently and doesn't thank him. Looking back at the situation, the son realizes he never thanked his father. We can learn a lesson from this. We must be grateful, not just for our parental guardians, but for our lives. Because with this crisis, you never know if you get you will get to say sorry or goodbye, so we must do all of our parts, right now. Please be grateful. "Death doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it just takes and it takes and it takes,"-Hamilton. You can love others, that is one thing I know you can do. All of you. You can be grateful. Thank you, and goodnight.

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