Waiting For You in Rain #2 (Brighter Days Blog #53)

Hello all! This is a repeat of yesterday's blog. Have a happy Memorial Day!

Today's poem is called "Waiting for You in Rain," by M.J. Iuppa. You can read it here. You really have to read this poem to realize the existential nature of its words and the impact it has upon reading. We think this poem is about being found. We are all waiting to be picked up, just like the bucket in the rain. We are waiting to be recognized. In these times, our lives have been completely upended, like the bucket in the story. It is about finding ourselves, finding out who we are when we are in a corner with no way out. Every person has something unique inside of them, their uniqueness. We are all different in that we have varied experiences that shape us, but the one common experience of life is something we all share and we can all relate to. All of us will tremble when faced with a brewing storm, but only a few will go out into the thunder and find the ones who are too weak to wether it, and bring them inside. And that is what this website is built on, finding the oneness and the shared experiences from all walks of life and building on it, expanding it. So today, help the ones who can't help themselves. Thank you, and goodnight.

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