Winner Of 100 Brighter Days!

We would like to congratulate Ken Leoni on winning our Brighter Days Challenge!

Prompt: How can we make the world a brighter place?

Answer: By committing to acts of kindness, we can make this world a brighter place. I was on the street the other day, and I heard something. I looked up, and there was clapping from windows. It started with a smattering, then it rose to a roar. I heard this, and I saw people in windows, crying, praying for their world to be a brighter place. By acting, and acting soon, we can make a difference. You might ask what people clapping in their windows is doing, but I would say that it shows everybody that they are welcome, that they are important. So by acting on our instincts, and by being kinder people, we can make this world a brighter place.

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