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Welcome to the Brighter Days For All website! While the world can go through tough times, kindness always prevails. We are school students who just want to spread the message that kindness will propel the world into a brighter future. 

Brighter Days For All is a positive social media sharing website and soon to be app.  It's all about posting videos or pictures that are spreading a positive message.  For example, you could post a video of yourself calling a nursing home and speaking to one of the residents to comfort them.  On this website, users have the ability to create an account, post videos or images of their kindness and anonymously upvote other creators. There is also a comments section and a blog we encourage you check out!

We hope to have people creating good content that will inspire others across the globe. We hope that you can view others acts and post your own. 

You can up vote creators to help their acts get recognized. You can also make comments. Our staff will make sure that nothing but positivity is allowed into your feed. All video content is put through a similar filter.



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